The Bluetooth Pro Ravaglioli Wheel Aligner is our top-selling wheel alignment equipment.

Easy-to-use features make it the ideal 4-wheel aligner for any bodyshop or workshop looking for a great value machine. It can be used with 4- and 2-post lifts and in-ground wheel-free scissor lifts. The direct contact charging and calibration system means the whole wheel alignment package is 100% cable-free for a safe workshop. Each measuring head also has a remote control to allow you to run the full wheel alignment process from any corner of the car.

What’s included:

Front turn plates

Pro wheel clamps (NO RUN OUT)

Steering wheel clamp

Brake pedal clamp

SUV wheel clamp extension arms

Quality PC, 20″ monitor and colour printer

Remote controlled heads

Quality protective cabinet


Auto-charging head storage system

Latest database

Full on-site training

ADAS-compatible operating system

Smartphone/tablet app for use next to vehicle

Shoot and Go compatible operating system

FREE internet software support

The latest software extensions allow the use of a smartphone or tablet app so line-of-sight access to the CPU is not required. A spoiler program operates automatically for sports or modified cars, and the system is compatible with our ADAS EXTENSION PACK to future-proof your business.

NOW – Comes with FREE wheel clamp extension arms to fit most modern SUVs

Shoot & Go extension pack speeds up car recognition and reduces errors. Simply photograph the car with your tablet or type in the registration number manually, and our sophisticated system will do the rest. We have a huge international database of vehicles to draw on.

This is truly one of the most versatile pieces of wheel alignment equipment on the market today. It is capable of handling all your wheel alignment needs from Day One and will help you grow in this profitable sector. The Bluetooth Pro wheel aligner is robust and reliable, and Absolute Alignment has a first-class backup service to support you.