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From racing to restoration – how LiteAlign is helping one garage’s mission to provide everything a garage should, and more…

From racing to restoration – how LiteAlign is helping one garage’s mission to provide everything a garage should, and more…

For over four years, DS Motorsports has relied on LiteAlign wheel alignment technology to align not only championship race cars but also road cars and classic restoration projects. Whilst these vehicles may seem worlds apart, the importance of accurate wheel alignment are one and the same – performance wise, it has to be 100% for the vehicle to do what it was made to do.

DS Motorsports work on a wide variety of performance cars, from mildly modified hot-hatches to 400+ bhp Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions, they have decades of experience in the preparation of highly competitive vehicles to strict regulations. Their skill in setting up race-ready cars has to be matched by the right equipment – and when each driver has different requirements in terms of performance, that equipment has to be ready to adapt to those changes.

LiteAlign wheel alignment has given DS Motorsports the ability to set each car up specifically to each driver to enable them to get the very best out of it. As a result, it’s reliability has been unmatched across the board and the ability to fine tune each racing car has given DS Motorsports the edge when it’s needed.

Daniel Scrase told us: “It’s a hugely versatile piece of kit that creates a profitable revenue stream in various aspects of our business. Ultra-reliable and with a trustworthy support network makes for a piece of equipment that can always be relied upon. A worthy addition to our workshop.”

LiteAlign’s commitment to their customer and unique understanding of this market means that they regularly service and calibrate the machine, changing the battery packs whether they are needed or not.  This level of maintenance means DS Motorsports can reassure their racing clients that the equipment has been calibrated before they race, and when the incorrect calibration can cost upwards of £10k, this is a peace of mind that is unquantifiable.

Racing aside, DS Motorsports is never without a restoration on the go (seven and counting at the moment) and they are currently in the process of a three-year restoration of a Series One E-Type with an estimated value of a quarter of a million pounds.  And whilst the restorations they do remain faithful to the standard, more often than not, the owner will want a vehicle that will handle like a modern car. The versatility of the LiteAlign system means that the tracking gauges can be tailored specifically to the requirements of the owner.

And whilst the garage looks after racing cars and classics, it also looks after regular road vehicles that need the right wheel alignment to make them roadworthy.  LiteAlign does just that – it is a system that caters comprehensively for DS Motorsports customers, meaning their workshop space is not compromised by having to have a range of different machines for different cars.

It’s safe to say that LiteAlign not only strive to understand the importance their equipment plays in the maintenance of DS Motorsports’ cars, but that it does so with a commitment that is unparalleled in the industry, regularly visiting and providing ad-hoc refresher courses if required.  It is a partnership that is keeping the wheels turning for DS Motorsports.

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