Why do we need to check the rear wheels for correct alignment when it’s the front wheels that steer?

Despite the steering being at the front, it is actually the rear wheels that dictate the steering wheel position. The front wheels will align themselves to the rear wheels, so it’s crucial to align all four wheels.  Only checking and adjusting the front wheel alignment on your car is only half of the job – the rear wheels should always be checked too.

If a garage is only offering two-wheel alignment, you are in the wrong garage and here’s why:

If your vehicle is pulling to the right, just checking the front alignment is not getting the full story, and although this can help, it most likely won’t solve the problem.  The only way to be sure that any faults are found is to check all four wheels, because the rear wheel alignment is just as likely to be at fault.

Only offering customers two-wheel alignment is only offering them half the picture.  Finding a garage that has the capacity to check all four wheels is imperative to get the complete story.