Why have your wheel alignment checked?

It’s a fair question and one that we know our customers in workshops and garages have to answer regularly. We’ve summarised it here – LiteAlign four-wheel laser wheel alignment systems have the capabilities to send your customers on their way in a vastly improved, safer, and more economical way than when they arrived but if they need convincing – here are the five main reasons they should trust in LiteAlign:

  • Our systems help avert more serious car issues – wheels that are out of alignment can cause extra stress and uneven wear on the suspension and this can cause premature failure.
  • LiteAlign four-wheel laser alignment stops extreme, irregular and early tyre wear – in short, good tyres are imperative for the safety and the legality of your car.
  • Our system will ensure that the driver assist functions work more accurately allowing traction control and the steering angle sensor to work correctly.
  • Wheels that are out of align will wear the tyres prematurely causing the steering wheel to be out of alignment. This can cause the vehicle to pull to one side and in extreme cases can cause stopping distance to be increased when braking.
  • More petrol in your tank – faulty suspension means the engine has to work overtime to get your car going, meaning your miles to the gallon seriously depreciate.  *Studies have shown that incorrectly adjusted wheel alignment can cost between three and seven percent increase in fuel consumption.

*Data source US Environmental Protection Agency